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Check out our interactive timeline and read about the history of The Bristowe. Further information about how The Bristowe was developed and changed how retired people of Bournemouth lived can be found under the pictures.



    In 1958, Mrs Yvonne Johnstone (affectionately called Mrs J), her husband Tom and their only child Tina purchased and moved into a 7 bedroom guest house in Grange Road, Bournemouth. Mrs J herself, was able to get a loan from the bank, which was very rare in those days, to fund the purchase and from its humble beginnings it to quickly grew to accommodate 50 guests.


    By the mid 1960’s each room had their own private facilities and kitchenettes and Mrs J was the first to introduce coach parties to the town and the property was the first small establishment to be recognised by motoring organisations.


    It is a complete, permanent home of their own with all the facilities of a hotel. Where all the meals, the cleaning and all those daily chores taken care of. We provide the freedom to do whatever you want but safe in the knowledge that The Bristowe is there for you when you return.


    It was very much a family business, Mrs J working all the day and night preparing meals, cleaning the rooms and looking after new guests, her young daughter Tina, helping with cleaning around her school hours and her husband Tom at the front of house entertaining the guests. Mrs J’s parents were also there helping out where needed.


    Before she bought The Bristowe she worked as a nurse in her home town of Bristol, before the move to Bournemouth and she soon became aware of the predicament of guests in other hotels and guests houses who spent the winter months in Bournemouth only to be turned out during the summer months for holiday makers, Mrs J soon realised that there was a niche in the market and therefore came up with the concept of a mini-home.

  • TO THE FUTURE.........

    The Bristowe was the first retirement home in the county and we continue to provide a home for the retired people of Bournemouth to this very day. And as The Bristowe moves into its 3rd and 4th generations, Mrs J’s grandson Matthew Gadd has taken on the responsibility of the residents and its guests and has one clear message that we always have been and always will be SECOND TO NONE.

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